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Rebecca Long Chaney –

Author and Inspirational Speaker

Rebecca Long Chaney is a mother, ranch wife, book author, inspirational speaker, substitute teacher and 4-H livestock judging coach. Her stories of life in the Australian Outback; raising twin daughters; relocating to the middle of nowhere in Nebraska; and following her dreams will captivate audiences wherever she goes.  Becky's charm and "down home" wit are a perfect match for women's groups, business clubs and agricultural conferences. Becky's keynote, "Dare to Risk Life Change," is a journey of life's trials and tribulations, successes and failures and risks and blessings. Her story introduces audiences to life on a remote cattle station in the Australian Outback, living in a hut and lighting a fire every day for a warm shower and how that life experience helped her and her husband, Lee, make one of the most difficult decisions of their lives — relocating 1,400 miles from their family and friends and settling into their new home in America's Heartland. 


"Dare To Risk Life Change"

"If Five Year Old's Can Do It, So Can You"

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